10 Ways Movies Skew Our Views About Love

10. Deliberately Feigning Interest Or Teasing Doesn’t Work

The idea that teasing and outright ignoring someone is a viable form of expressing love is ingrained in Hollywood, and could be seen in everything from teenage dramas to big-budget superhero movies. It also shows up in real life, as so many people think that someone not being responsive to their advances is just asking them to try harder, though usually to little success.

As you’d have guessed, that’s not how it works in reality, and even science agrees with us. Many studies prove that people tend to be attracted towards someone who likes them over someone who doesn’t. Of course, it’s a different story altogether if their signals are ambiguous, though as long as it’s clear that they’re not interested – which is usually the case in the movies – chances are good that they really do mean what they’re saying.