10 Celebrity Myths That Just Won’t Go Away

There’s a saying that bad gas travels fast in a small town. But basically that just means that when you start gossiping about someone it’s going to get around. If you’re a celebrity, and you’re basically living on the world stage, then that bad gas gets right out of control. Rumors start to fly and soon enough totally fictitious stories become accepted as fact by many people. These are some of the most famous myths about celebrities that have been spread for years now.

10. J.Lo Insured Her Butt

Back before Nicki Minaj and her booty were world famous, there was another very talented  singer and actor whose butt was on everyone’s mind. Jennifer Lopez, or J.Lo if you prefer, was known for her dance moves and singing for years. Then she got into acting and became a kind of entertainment powerhouse. But the entire time she never shied away from the fact that her butt got a lot of attention. There’s nothing wrong with that; she seemed proud of it and a lot of other people were happy about it, too. But how happy was she?

For years, the myth circulated that J.Lo had her backside insured for a staggering amount of money. The idea of celebrities getting certain body parts insured is nothing new. Heidi Klum had her legs insured for $2,000,000. Lloyd’s of London gave America Ferrera a $10 million insurance policy on her teeth. And the rumor was that Jennifer Lopez took out a $27 million policy on her butt.

It’s hard to imagine what that might even mean. What can happen to your butt that would pay off $27 million, anyway? Would that just apply to some kind of butt destroying accident? Or would it deal with any health problems that affect one’s behind?

We’ll probably never get the answer to those questions because, as it turns out, Lopez never got an insurance policy on her butt. On James Corden’s talk show, Cordon directly asked Lopez as if she had an insurance policy on her butt. She denied that it happened and denied that such an insurance policy could ever exist.