Movies that Did an Uncanny Job of Predicting the Future

Minority Report (2002)

2054 might not be here yet, but many predictions made by this Tom Cruise film are. The accuracy unfolding from this sci-fi murder mystery is unsurprising given the detailed research approach taken by director Steven Spielberg — in preparation for the technology of the film, he held a think-tank summit designed to create a fictional world based firmly in reality.

One such impressive looking piece of tech is the spatial operating environment used by Cruise to interface with his computer. With a wave, pinch or spin of his hand, videos play and files open on his wall-sized screen. Visually captivating, it delighted viewers who at that time were still tied to the physical realm of mouse and keyboard.

Fast-forward to 2010 and Microsoft’s unveiling of the Xbox Kinect. Designed for gamers to interact with their console through body movement and voice commands, Kinect took the next step of the Nintendo Wii’s handheld sensors by making the human the controller. While popularity has been hampered by slow processing times and limited games, it has impressive potential.

Overall, Minority Report did a remarkable job of looking into the future, and with a good few decades still on the clock to reach its full prophesying potential we might be seeing miniaturized spider drones invading our homes yet.