Notoriously Haunted Hollywood Landmarks

The Comedy Store

The Comedy Store is famous as a showcase for emerging new talent and has hosted many actors including Robin Williams, Richard Pryor, Jim Carrey and Michael Keaton, but above all, it is known as one of the most haunted buildings in Los Angeles. Located on Sunset Strip, in the seedier part of town, it used to be Hollywood hot spot Ciro’s from 1940 onwards. Gangster Mickey Cohen, who was the infamous “King of the Sunset Strip,” used the club’s basement as a place to carry out mob business. Not only did Cohen beat his victims to a pulp and kill them, but some say he also buried them under the concrete floor. Others claim that illegal abortions took place, serving the club’s dance girls and the prostitutes from the brothel next door.

The Comedy Store is allegedly haunted by at least five ghosts which have manifested themselves by moving chairs, messing with the lights or even appearing to startled employees or patrons. In keeping with the spirit (cheesy pun intended) of the place, most of the ghosts are pranksters and sometimes hecklers. However, something distinctly malevolent lurks in the basement and has been heard growling and seen manifesting as a huge dark mass, and that just isn’t funny.