Notoriously Haunted Hollywood Landmarks

The Knickerbocker Hotel

Marilyn Monroe really gets around. Her apparition frequently appeared at other Hollywood locations including the Knickerbocker Hotel’s women’s restroom. She was a regular guest in the bar and honeymooned there with Joe DiMaggio in 1954. These days the building is far less glamorous, having been downgraded to an apartment block for senior citizens.

It really doesn’t look the part of a showbiz hotel, but in it’s day it was the site of some of Tinseltown’s most dramatic offscreen moments, such as the unrelated deaths of actor William Frawley, director D.W. Griffith and a costume designer who jumped out of one of the windows in 1962. The Knickerbocker is also home to all sorts of weird paranormal activity with alleged sightings of Rudolph Valentino, who used to enjoy dancing the tango in its saloon. It hosted a decade of unsuccessful seances by Harry Houdini’s wife on the Halloween anniversary of his death, which still continue to this day at different locations.