The Bizarre Mysteries of Space

Why and How is Space So Noisy?

“In space no one can hear you scream,” goes the famous tagline to one of the all-time hits of science fiction horror, Alien. However, scientists have discovered that contrary to the commonly-held belief, space is incredibly noisy. The problem is that they’re not sure why.

Especially concerning is what scientists have referred to as “space roar,” comprised of odd, extremely loud radio signals bouncing around all over the place, along with some other signals that scientists just can’t explain. The discovery came in 2006, when a NASA balloon mission with the intention of catching faint radio waves indicating stars formed early in the history of the universe instead caught a loud blast of noise. Theories for what is causing the constant noise include a lot of options from the very radiation the mission was trying to detect to gas swirls and even the noise of galaxies themselves, but so far none of those theories adds up.