Traits You Didn’t Realize Were Genetic

There are two different ways humans become the way we are: influence from our environment and influence from our genetics. Genetics have a much bigger influence on who we are than most people think. There are the obvious things that genetics influence like intelligence, athletic ability, and the size of your junk. Yet there are many genetic traits that are much less obvious.


Some people are just extremely lazy. They’d rather binge watch Netflix than get some work done. It’s extremely common for people to question why they have this innate sense of laziness that they can’t seem to shake. Well, lazy people rejoice, it’s not all your fault. Blame it on your genetics!

Researchers discovered laziness genes when they bred two groups of rats. They bred the most active rats and the least active rats. As the generation of rats grew, the rats with the active parents ran longer and longer while the rats with the less active parents didn’t run nearly as much. The researchers accounted for many factors including physical characteristics, muscle cells, levels of mitochondria, etc. But, they found that the biggest reason for their activity and inactivity was a set of around 36 genes that accounted for their motivation to exercise.

So basically, everyone who has said there’s no excuse for being lazy has been wrong.