The Nun Shooting Locations: Know About Where This Conjuring Installment Was Shot

The Nun shooting location are spread all across Romania. This Conjuring instalment was shot at multiple locations and featured some real chapels and abbeys.

The Nun is the fifth installment in the Conjuring Universe. The film follows an incarnation of the Demon Nun, Valak. The Demon Nun first appeared in The Conjuring 2. Since then, the character has piqued the curiosity of many Conjuring franchise fans. The Nun follows a novitiate nun and a Roman Catholic Priest who uncover a dark secret in Romania in 1952. Apart from the film’s scary storyline, its gloomy yet serene locations play a pivotal character.

The Nun shooting location

1. Corvin Castle, Romania

As mentioned earlier, the storyline of The Nun takes place in 1952 Romania. Luckily the film’s crew found its perfect filming location in Romania itself. Major portions of the film have been shot in the Corvin Castle, Romania. The castle during daytime provides a perfect Instagram picture but at night time is equally spooky. Take a look at the Corvin Castle here.

2. The Abbey St. Carta, Romania

The Abbey St. Carta is the first location mentioned in The Nun. The Abbey is one of the oldest monasteries in Europe. The location is right beside the Olt River and is located between Sibiu and Fargas. Even though now the monastery serves as a church the film has led to a surge in its popularity.

3. The Mogosoaia Palace

Many of the film’s pivotal scenes take place in passages and tunnels. Hence these tunnels needed to provide a picturesque element to the plot. Hence these scenes from The Nun were shot in the Mogosoaia Palace. This palace is located on the outskirts of Bucharest. Just like the Abbey of St. Carta, the Mogosoaia Palace also gained immense popularity after The Nun was released in 2018.

4. Carpathian Mountains

The Nun is not just about spooky and haunted locations. Many of the film’s scenes showcase a serene and peaceful side of the horror flick. One of the shots in the film showed the peaceful Carpathian Mountains. These mountains helped build a fictional landscape for The Nun.

5. Castel Film Studios

Even though The Nun was shot in many real locations some scenes were shot in Castel Film Studios. Castel Film Studios are in Bucharest. The main praying chapel scene in the Abbey of St. Carta was shot in the studio. The abbey was recreated in the studio for this and few other particular scenes.