2020 World’s Best Travel Destination: Serbia.

Get on the Online Tour to the Pictorial Countryland

Serbia, as the LP World’s Best Travel Destinations list for two years in a row (2020 list, 2019 list), is a beautiful European country that you must have a visit in your lifetime! Maybe you are quarantined during the COVID-19 epidemic temporarily, that’s fine, let me be your online tour guide to enjoy it online!


The Most Passionate Country You’ve Ever Seen


Warm and hospitable, and lots of fun – these descriptions of Serbia are true. The air is filled with a mixture of enthusiasm and excitement. The capital of Serbia, Belgrade, has been an important crossroads on the continent for centuries. Today, people with different colors are living in this city. At night, some wild parties are held by the banks of the Danube River. Most of which are affordable for normal people. Away from Belgrade, outdoor adventures, spas, and wineries, ancient monasteries, combined with the memories of the Yugoslav era of the Great Unification, are waiting for you.


The Picturesque Countryland

For natural beauty, the Tara, Terdap and Frushka Mountain National Parks are all excellent choices. These places are beautiful and unforgettable, owning the most complete ecosystem and the world’s treasured animals. Standing on the hill, you can enjoy the most magnificent view. As it all unfolds before your eyes, you will put all sorts of minor worries of the reality behind you.

A Short Tour Designed for You


If you have a week to spare, you can stay in Belgrade for 3 days to experience its unique culture and enjoy delicious dishes. You’d better spend at least one night experiencing this capital’s excellent nighttime entertainment. Then you will go towards Novi Sad to visit the vineyards and monasteries of the Frusta Gora National Park and Sremski Karlovci.


If you have two weeks, follow the above route and continue the journey by going north to Subotica to see the Art Nouveau buildings, then you will face two choices. You can either head southwest to Tara National Park, passing numerous traditional Serbian villages on the way, or head southeast to vibrant Nis, passing Djerdap National Park. Such an arrangement can help you fully enjoy the beautiful scenery and profound cultures in Serbia.

When the COVID-19 is over, don’t forget to take your lover or family to have a visit!