The Top 10 Tourist Cities Where Thieves are Rampant

Do you know which city is the paradise of the thieves? Let’s check them out! This rank is based on the statistics of the TripAdvisor, an international travel website.

Top 10. Barcelona, Spain.

The official website of the American Consulate in Barcelona once published a special article entitled “Barcelona Security Guide”. During Festival, tourists who have had their documents stolen come to the Consulate General to renew them. The usual tactic for the thieves is to ask for help and then wait for the opportunity to steal.

Top 9. Florence, Italy.

In Florence, you must watch out the teenage girls. The usual trick is that three girls are lined up, one of them holding a paper bib in both hands and begging. The paper bib comes flat to your eyes, and the other two girls gathered around. The theft was quickly committed by mutual cover among the three girls.

Top 8. Paris, France.

Thieves and crooks are a big headache in Paris, and while a lot of people come here in pursuit of romance, a lot of people get stolen carelessly.

Top 7. Rome, Italy.

The usual trick: a woman begs you with her baby in her arms. One hand reaches out to you for money, the other hand pulls your wallet unnoticeably.

Top 6. Prague, Czech Republic.

If your wallet is stolen, the best strategy is not to go after the thief but call the bank directly and freeze your card. They have been hanging around the area for years and there is no way you can catch up.

Top 5. Madrid, Spain.

Madrid’s crowded markets and metros are the perfect places for pickpocket. Please don’t stay alone at such places.

Top 4. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Whenever and wherever you’re in the city, keep an eye out. Be careful of the men wearing jackets.

Top 3. Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

In Amsterdam, thieves will approach you warmly, be your friend, or even call you brother, and then steal your wallet.

Top 2. Athens, Greece.

As a historic city, Athens attracts visitors from all over the world. Most people in Athens are friendly, but some of them are looking for potential targets.

Top 1. Hanoi, Vietnam.

Pay attention to those on motorcycles. They can easily grab your phone, your wallet, and disappear.

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