Will Your Dream Come True in 2020? The Answer is Hidden in the Tarot Test

Will your dream come true? Let’s do a quick test. Just pick one from the 4 cards shown below. Don’t hesitate! Just choose the one that impresses you most.

Tarot card A: Two of Coins

Happiness and success depend on one’s own struggle. More than often, when we are bent on striving for a goal, an aggressive competitor always comes along halfway. If you are experiencing a similar situation, whether in work or in a relationship, the probability of winning is extremely high. The presence of the competitor will make you push yourself much harder than ever. Your dream will definitely come true if you overcome the competitor.

Tarot Card B: Death

Death represents an end and rebirth, or at least it means some turning point. Just as the old saying goes: Rome was not built in one day. Standing on a turning point, you not only need action but also patience. Drawing this card means you are stepping on a long journey in 2020. On the other hand, you may have not yet paid enough effort for it. Death is a card that corresponds to Scorpio, so if you want success, you need a deep understanding of your goals and a never-give-up spirit. Luck can not bring you everything in need.

Tarot card C: The Sun (Reversed)

Congratulations! The sun represents happiness and joy, so if you draw this card, you’ll have a good chance of getting whatever you want. You’ve always been very capable and have had a lot of good fortune, and when you need help, all kinds of people will step up to support you and encourage you. Apollo, the god of the sun, is also a god of art and medicine, so if your wish is related to artistic health, it will be easier to achieve. It is also especially suitable for some females who are preparing for pregnancy.

Tarot card D: The Ace of Cup

You may not have tasted the love ever and long for your first love this year. In your eyes, love is the most beautiful thing in the world. With such a heartfelt wish, the love that belongs to you will come. Furthermore, the Ace of Cup represents the smooth operation of love. On the card, water symbolizes emotion, and the movement of the water shows where the emotion is going. These tedious compositions and patterns on the card are meant to illustrate the inner feelings, spiritual pleasures, and the contentment from the bottom of the heart.