The Small Habits of the Top 5 NBA Stars

Everyone wants to be a superstar, but not everyone can understand the pain of superstars. They have lost many of the rights that ordinary people take for granted. Sometimes their little privacy has to be exposed in public. Everyone has a hobby of his (her)own, and generally, this hobby is harmless. However, if the habits of the stars in the league appear on the basketball field, they can be very confusing to the public. Now, let ’s take a look at the habit of the top 5 NBA stars.

Richard Hamilton

Hamilton can be said to be the NBA mask man. His transparent mask could not hide anything. The first time he wore a cover on the field was due to an accidental injury. His doctor made a clear plastic mask to protect his nose and other facial tissue. But after he recovered, he became addicted and could not take it off. There is a psychological factor. The first season he put on the mask, the Pistons won the championship of the league, which make Hamilton believe the good fortune came from his mask. So he wore it for more than a decade until retirement.


Jason Kidd

Image result for jason kidd The different stars’ actions before the free throw are bizarre. The classic example is Steve Nash, who touches the soles of his shoes with his hands and then licks them with his tongue. While for Jason Kidd, he liked to throw a kiss after touching his butt. Although it looks a little weird, Kidd has his explanation. It is for his beloved wife.

Rajon Rondo

Rajon Rondo’s iconic behavior is to wear his headband upside down. The reason is that he liked to wear a headband when he was playing for the Celtics. However, the icon on the NBA logo is Jerry Allen West, a player from the Lakers. To show he and the Lakers are opposites, Rondo must wear it upside-down. Ironically, he is now a member of the Lakers. At the same time, the league also banned his behavior, which also violates the image of the league.

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Bill Russell

I have to say that Russell’s habit is extraordinary. He vomited impulsively before every game. And every time he vomited, he had excellent personal data in the game, and his performance was outstanding. After that, he developed a habit of vomiting before the game, as if he wanted to spit out any useless things.

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Kobe Bryant

Image result for kobe bryant biting jersey All Kobe Bryant’s fans are familiar with his confusing behavior on the court. If you watch a series of Lakers’ match, you will find that whenever he was about to break out, he bit his sweaty jersey. The funny thing is that, when the media asked him about this particular small movement, Kobe told people that he did not even realize that he had done this before. He said maybe he was just thirsty and wanted to sip some sweat to moisturize his lip. This answer is so simple and hard to refute!

Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan’s understated personality has helped him achieve a near-perfect career. But what some fans may not know is that Duncan had an amusing hobby, that is, touching other players’ heads. Whether it was teammates or opponents, he always habitually touched their heads in the match.

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